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Pediatric Psychology & Neuropsychology Services

At TGH, we care about helping kids and their families to build healthy behaviors for well-being and to live productive lives.?Our team is here to provide support to both the child and the family as a whole during a difficult time. We promote the mental, emotional?and social health of children who are managing an injury or?illness. This can be accomplished through assessment and therapy?while?your child is?in the hospital and once your child returns home. Our inpatient team provides short-term emotional support, coping strategies, information?and resources while children are admitted into the hospital. Upon discharge, families have the option to continue care with one of our outpatient psychologists. Ongoing counseling may be helpful for children managing chronic pain, a long term illness diagnosis, or illness related anxiety or depression. A neuropsychological assessment may be helpful for children with identified learning difficulties, injuries to the brain?or a chronic illness that impact memory or learning. As a team, we each have very specialized training to most effectively support your child and your family.