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We are excited that you are pursuing research at Tampa General Hospital!

Study Submission

TGH OCR has transitioned to an online Research Study Proposal Form! To submit a research study, complete the Research Study Proposal Form below. TGH OCR requires that current available versions of the study documents be attached to the Research Study Proposal Form. TGH OCR is aware that not all documents may be available at the time of submission. Submitters should always reference this website to obtain the correct documents prior to submission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Access the online research study proposal form by clicking the link below.

Research Study Proposal Form

Documents to Submit (If Available)

Researchers must be credentialed by the Office of Clinical Research to do research. You may submit your study for approval while completing the credentialing process. For more information, refer to the Credentialing section

TGH Protocol?And Informed Consent Form (ICF) Templates
TGH OCR will review all ICFs and add TGH HIPAA authorization language and subject injury language. If your study requires use of an informed consent, the TGH ICF template may be used. If you are using University of South Florida (USF) Institutional Review Board (IRB) for study oversight, please refer to their website for guidance.