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Heart Transplants at Tampa General Hospital

Cardiologist speaking to a patientAt Tampa General Hospital, we perform a high volume of heart transplants every year. In fact, according to reports published by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), Tampa General has been considered the highest-volume heart transplant center in the state of Florida since 2001. High-volume centers are well-equipped to produce favorable outcomes, thanks to several factors:

  • At high-volume transplant centers, surgeons (and other members of the transplant team) are utilizing their skills more often than surgeons elsewhere, who may not perform heart transplants as regularly. This makes Tampa General¡¯s heart transplant surgeons more familiar with the unique challenges that the procedure can pose.
  • High-volume centers typically partner with large, successful organ procurement organizations (OPOs). Tampa General partners with a nationally recognized OPO. This is one way that Tampa General is able to find organs for a greater number of patients at a faster rate.

Additionally, Tampa General is often able to accept high-risk transplant patients who may have been turned down by other programs. We have performed many successful heart transplants for patients with rare and advanced cardiovascular conditions, and for patients who have not met the transplant criteria at other centers. We evaluate transplant candidates on an individual basis to determine if a transplant is the best treatment for their needs at the time of referral. Heart transplants won¡¯t be an appropriate treatment for all individuals with a heart condition.

For more information about Tampa General Hospital¡¯s Heart Transplant Program, please call 1-800-505-7769, then press 1 for the heart transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator. If you¡¯d prefer to contact the referral coordinator directly, you may do so by calling (813) 844-4088.