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The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, presented by the DAISY Foundation, honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day.? The award is presented each month to two nurses.? Nurses are nominated by patients, families, colleagues, physicians and other staff.? Below are the deserving TGH nurses who have been awarded the DIASY Award.

2016 DAISY Award Winners

Andrew Nguyen
May 2016 DAISY Award winner
Andrew Nguyen of 9C Ortho

Jennessa Rooker
April 2016 DAISY Award winner
Jennessa Rooker of Surgical Oncology

John Murphy
March 2016 DAISY Award winner
John Murphy of the MSICU

Jennifer Santana
February 2016 DAISY Award winner
Jennifer Santana of Pediatric Med/Surg

Aleah Steiner
January 2016 DAISY Award winner
Aleah Steiner of the Rehab Center

Kathryn Scheidt
May 2016 DAISY Award winner
Kathryn Scheidt of the NICU

Jesse Clements
April 2016 DAISY Award winner
Jesse Clements of the STICU

Shannon Brace
March 2016 DAISY Award winner
Shannon Brace of the Neuro ICU

Jehad Saleh
February 2016 DAISY Award winner
Jehad Saleh of Cardiac Telemetry

Margie Brown
January 2016 DAISY Award winner
Margie Brown of 3F PACU

2015 DAISY Award Winners


  • Janith Suddath, Adult ICU Stepdown
  • Jessica Harley, Ante/Postpartum


  • James "Jim" Jordan,?Neuro ICU
  • Rachael?Teeter, CCU


  • Lama Awad, Transplant
  • Justin Wooden, Medical/Surgical ICU


  • Rita Malpedo, Cardiac Observation Unit
  • Aniamma "Annie" Philipose, Neurology


  • Brittany Truman, Postpartum
  • Lori Marino, Neonatal ICU


  • James Paugh, Clinical Resources
  • Wendy Carvalis, Surgical Trauma ICU


  • Ula Armashi, Labor & Delivery
  • David Wiles, Cardiac Observation


  • Susan ¡°Suzi¡± Canan, TGH Family Care Center
  • Alan Williams, Burn Center


  • Denise Becker, Cardiovascular Center
  • Mary Miller, NICU
  • Kellie Fowke, Neuroscience?ICU


  • Ian Loy, Medical Surgical Oncology Unit
  • Suzanne Roberson, Center of Research and Education


  • Elaine Morse, Neurology
  • Kimberley Vickory, Short Stay


  • Erin Drewes, Medical ICU
  • Brooke Foley, Acute Care for the Elderly Unit

2014 DAISY Award Winners

? ?
Danielle Meehan, 6A Portia Canidate, Infusion Center
Cory Brown, 5A Sheelamma John, 9A
Marissa Maulsby, Clinical Resources Erin August, VAD Program
Debbie Riley, VAD Program Michael Scala, VAD Program
Sharon Cano, Admit/Discharge Unit Kathryn Gower, 3H
Jennifer Zurawski, Short Stay Unit Sheila Walker, Clinical Resources
Langylie Jimenez, Trauma Surgery Unit Marianne Manietta, Join Replacement Center
Thuan Tran, Surgical Oncology Unit Colleen Gossett, Transplant Unit
Jessica Brower, Ante/Post Partum Unit Nadine Fiorenza, Medical ICU
Debra Parsons, Pediatric ICU Corey Shapiro Brown, Pediatric ICU
Adeel Farooqi, Burn Center Brooke Bull, Medical ICU
Ashley Bader, Specialty Surgery Unit ?

2013 DAISY Award Winners

? ?
Jon Skorupski, Medical ICU Janelle Maldonado, Cardiovascular ICU
Sherri Vanbebber, Vascular ICU Chona Felicidario, Ante-Post Partum Unit
Grace Millerd, Ante-Post Partum Unit Annetta Bersche, TGH Family Care Center Kennedy
Roger Hoag, Pediatric Emergency Department Crystal Brazil Snyder, Primary Care Unit
Susan Greenberg, Neonatal ICU Balinda Barros-Orozco, Children's Medical Center
Jennifer Murphy, Children's Medical Center Jackie Maldonado, Children's Medical Center
Barbara Schmiz, Children's Medical Center Rose Waters, Transplant Institute
Kelly Keane, Primary Care Unit Ritchel Articulo, Burn Center
Maria Canares, Surgical Trauma ICU - Inaugural DAISY Award Winner Kellie Roberts, Rapid Response - Inaugural DAISY Award Winner